Chris is the founder of Mauriello Law Offices.
He has been a trusted and respected trial attorney since 1986. He also serves
as a certified mediator for North Carolina district and superior courts.

Admitted to Practice by the State Bars of:
North Carolina
South Carolina
New York

Admitted to Federal Practice by the United States District Courts for the:
Middle District of North Carolina
Western District of North Carolina
Southern District of Florida
Northern, Eastern and Southern districts of New York

Memberships and Affiliations:
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Mecklenburg County Bar Association

State University of New York-Albany, Bachelor of Arts, 1981
Nova Southeastern University, Juris Doctorate, 1985

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Career Background:
Chris is a third-generation trial attorney. His grandfather, Angelo Mauriello, emigrated from Italy in 1909, graduated from NYU law and spent his career as an attorney in New York City, where he worked for the Attorney General’s Office and the New York City Civil Service Commission. Chris’s father, Andrew Mauriello, a World War II veteran and Fordham law graduate, began his career as an Assistant District Attorney and later co-founded the largest personal-injury firm in New York State, Finkelstein, Mauriello, Kaplan, Levine, P.C., known currently as Finkelstein & Partners.

In 1986 Chris began his career in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he served as lead trial counsel for the Palm Beach County Attorneys’ Office. He handled a diverse range of civil claims, including defending the county in traffic accidents and road designs, disputes between coastal cities and claims of governmental “sovereign immunity”.

As a highlight Chris successfully argued before the Florida Supreme Court, which resulted in the landmark decision, Konney v. Palm Beach County, et al, 587 So.2d 1292, a case involving the defense of sovereign immunity in a wrongful death action.

In 1993 Chris returned to New York State and tried numerous personal-injury and related cases throughout the state.

In 1997 Chris was hired by a leading personal injury firm in North Carolina, where he handled asbestos related disease and personal-injury cases.

In 2004 Chris founded Mauriello Law Offices, P.C. in Cornelius, North Carolina where we’ve been successfully anchored since.

Referencing the hundreds of clients represented by Mauriello Law, Chris says:

We’ve had an incredible tapestry of interesting cases with all too often devastating injuries and effects on our clients and their families.

We’ve represented folks seriously injured at the pedestrian-bridge collapse at the Charlotte motor speedway, those affected by the loss of a loved one in wrongful death claims, including a wall collapse at a construction site in Charlotte, an accident at a pallet shredding facility in Greensboro, and a trench collapse in Mooresville. We’ve also represented hundreds of clients in both major and minor auto and tractor-trailer accidents.

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The simple answer is your case is worth, based on the law, facts and risks that apply, what a 12-person jury in North Carolina would award for such a claim. The reason for this answer is that a seasoned personal injury attorney knows that a case can either settle or be presented to a jury. Most cases do in fact settle because both the person injured (plaintiff) and the insurance company representing the individual at fault (defendant) weigh and assess the risk of proceeding forward to a jury trial against the accepted benefit of getting the case resolved voluntarily.

There are many factors that enter into the determination of a personal injury settlement but the primary three (3) are liability, legal damages and insurance coverage.

  • Liability relates to negligence or fault of the defendant and (especially in North Carolina) the absence of fault of the plaintiff, as North Carolina is a “contributory negligence” state meaning the plaintiff must be 100% free of fault;
  • Legal damages typically include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering;
  • Insurance coverage relates to the amount of liability coverage the defendant has for the accident and injuries and also any coverage the plaintiff has such as uninsured or underinsured coverage that may apply.

There is in fact no precise formula in North Carolina for the award of pain and suffering damages. The jury (if the case makes it to court) is essentially asked to use their best judgment given the injuries and extent of the injuries in making this determination. However, typically and historically factors such as the severity of the injury, the length and type of medical treatment, whether surgery or high level of medical care was required, whether the injured person has a permanent or disabling injury and the amount of medical expenses are factors juries consider.

As mentioned most personal cases that we handle will settle. This is because there are inherent risks to both sides including jury verdict uncertainty, costs of litigation (deposition, mediation, expert witness fees, etc.) that make it in the best interest to settle. With that said some cases cannot resolve due to an impasse between the injured and the defendant on one or more case issues that may apply. In these cases, our office has over 34 years of courtroom experience and will work with you to move the case professionally through the litigation process.
As to the time it typically takes for a case to settle, most cases will settle after the injured person completes his or her medical care, the medical records and bills are obtained and then exchanged with the opposing insurance company. This can take on average 4-6 weeks after the completion of medical treatment but can vary depending on need for further documentation.

It costs nothing to evaluate your case. We evaluate any potential claim for free. In order to do so either e-mail us the basic facts of your claim or call our office for a free consultation. Also, if you cannot get to our office we will arrange to meet with you at your home or best location. Note also during this period of Covid-19 we can complete any paperwork needed for your claim remotely and without the need for a face to face meeting.

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