In December, 2020 Mauriello Law office resolved an automobile accident claim for the total sum of $850,000.00. The client, a captain for a commercial airline, sustained head and spinal injuries in a serious hit-in-the-rear automobile accident in Charlotte, NC.

Approximately three months after the accident the client experienced a seizure and began treating with a local neurologist and physicians in Florida where she lived at the time. Under FAA rules airline pilots are forbidden from piloting aircraft for a substantial period of time following any diagnosis that includes seizure.

Mauriello Law office placed the matter into litigation when the client sought our legal representation after a prior law firm refused to represent her further, theorizing that the connection between seizures and accident was too difficult to prove and the defendant driver’s insurance company took the same position.

After court scheduled discovery, including the taking of depositions of the client’s treating doctors, and a court ordered mediation the case resolved for the above sum stated.